Moroccan Bedding

At the end of a long day of hard work, a person wants to come home and retreat to their sanctuary – the bedroom. Like any hard working individual, you want the opportunity to have an escape. When you walk into your bedroom, that is. Fortunately, one of the most inspiring ways to do this is by using cultural influences to inspire the colour, look and feel of one’s room. For example – Morocco.

You want to transport yourself to another world with exquisitely designed Moroccan bedding that replicates the beautiful North African country. After all, Morocco is a place that is infused with different cultures that will always remind one of the little nooks bursting with spice and artisan bazaars located in Marrakech. Little reminders of geometric designs found on hanging lanterns and Moroccan tiles, the throng of colourful people within the Fes, itself. All of this can be recreated – elegantly and stylishly.

A bedroom is a place where the ethnic influences and delicate tints of soft neutrals work perfectly well together. Your bedroom walls and the ceiling are rich with a cinnamon red colour, and then you lay your eyes on the brand new four poster bed that smoulders with its dark wooden frame. Oh, how beautiful this will be after a sweet and spicy Moroccan revamp. The ideas that flow through your system – deep purple bed covers, bright pink fabrics hanging off the four bed posts and so many hand woven cushions scattered everywhere. The room for indulgence is plentiful…

Moroccan bedding typically consists of duvets, standard pillow cases, fitted sheets, and flat sheets. Don’t forget how versatile one can be with Moroccan bedding when you add quilts, throws, cushions of different shapes and sizes, and furniture pieces adorned with knick-knacks from all over the world. You want people to think you’ve visited places scattered across the globe and by recreating the look and feel of these places, that’s how you can achieve this little decorating trick.

One of the easiest ways to add colour and pattern to your sleeping space is by your choice of bedding which is the key to your sleep satisfaction. Moroccan bedding is available in a variety of exotic jewel tone colours combined with ornate furniture. It’s also important that the quality of your comforter, bed pillows, and sheet set be of a fine standard. Moroccan bedding is typically found to be made of 100% cotton and 100% Sabra silk. In Morocco, this type of silk is hand loomed from a natural vegetable fibre and dyed with vegetable dye. The fibres are harvested from cacti found in the Sahara Desert. The stripes from some of the silks alternate with camel’s wool taken from the caravans of camels from the Sahara Desert.

Quilts tend to be of popular taste when picking items to go with your Moroccan style bedding. These quilts are woven with 100% cotton sateen which is a combination of silk and cotton and the fabric originates from Morocco, itself. It’s important to experiment with different textures of fabrics when you are trying to create Moroccan style bedding as this contributes to the rustic look and feel of the interior that is created within the bedroom.

Moroccan inspired bedding is one of the best examples of how to show off the true beauty of the Eastern style. You can get your hands on all types of scatter cushions that vary in size and colour. Top those off with a beautiful and vibrant coloured throw for Moroccan inspired bedding and you’ll be dreamily whisked away to the unknown places of Morocco while you rest in a deep slumber at night.

Another enticing option to consider when looking around for a bed cover is a hand loomed Moroccan bedspread that consists of 100% cotton and Sabra silk which is generally a handmade fabric. A bedspread is a fabric that is very thick and soft to the touch – perfect for those much anticipated late afternoon naps. A lovely idea would be to use decorative cushions to accentuate a Moroccan bedspread of your choice. After all, Moroccan design is all about the finishing touches.

Pillows are an absolute essential element in Moroccan decor. Moroccan pillows create a beautifully layered and textured look when scattered across a bedspread. You will find that most Moroccan pillows are 100% organic wool and are hand woven by Berber women. The designs on the collections of pillows are usually eclectic and come in a variety of warm, rich colours. Some designs have traditional Rabat embroidery with silk covers and geometric edgings. Traditional Rabat embroidery has been found to go as far back as the 18th century – a very time consuming yet beautiful art made by the Berber women, themselves. It is one of the most important fields to express their creativity.

When on the search for Moroccan bedding sets, keep a look out for high quality sets that have a duvet cover, pillow cases, and bed sheets. 100% cotton is one of the most popular materials for bed sheets as this enhances the quality of the material which will ultimately last longer. This is perfect when considering Moroccan bedding sets as the cotton sheets are then soft, breathable, and comfortable to sleep on. Once again, don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, colours and patterns to keep things desirably exotic.

When considering Morocco as a theme for your bed linen, you have ample opportunity to indulge yourself with a rich spice colour palette. Moroccan themed bedding is usually at its best when you use rich, jewel and earthy tones such as deep purple, sand, maroon, emerald, and bold blues. You can pick your favourite colours like red, orange or yellow to create a warm cosy ambiance which will accentuate Moroccan themed bedding.

One of the very exciting things about using Moroccan bedding is that you can build up a varying Moroccan bedding collection that has different textures and colours suitable for any occasion. Whether you want to create an outdoorsy look or a beautiful Arabian night’s theme fit for an exotic and romantic getaway. Textures found in a Moroccan bedding collection can be tasselled, frilly, and soft to the touch, or just plain and solid.

Back to adding the final finishing touches to any Moroccan bed linen collection – the Moroccan bed canopy. A typical canopy bed features posts at each of the four corners of the bed extending four feet high or more above the mattress. Decorative fabric is draped across the upper space between the posts and a solid swath of cloth may create a ceiling or canopy over the bed. Once upon a time, a bed canopy with curtains that could enclose the bed were used by the lords and noblemen in medieval Europe for warmth and privacy.

A canopy makes the bed a special room within a room. A Moroccan bed canopy is functional and stylish, keeps out the insects, provides privacy, boasts elegance, and can be made with either silk, cotton, or polyester. You can get vibrant fabric tasselled canopies that are adorned with precious stones – how beautiful. You can also acquire an intricately handmade canopy rich with embroidery and jewelled fabric, hand sewn beads and sequins. A canopy with side walls is generally made of jewelled shear which can create such an exotic feel to any bedroom. Hopefully, all of this has inspired you to create a beautiful Moroccan inspired bedroom and that you will indulge in living in the Arabian night’s tales of splendor and beauty.