Moroccan Bedroom

Are you looking for an exotic design scheme with an unmatched visual appeal? Perhaps, the idea of a Moroccan bedroom sounds appealing. The time has come for a bedroom revamp and there is nothing better for a revamp than to get a thoroughly captivating look with a Moroccan bedroom. The main principle of Moroccan interior design is to utilize all of the available empty surfaces within a Moroccan bedroom. It is important to remember that images of animals and people are forbidden in Muslim art and design hence the creation of interesting geometric shapes. Sometimes, there is room for recreation of arabesque and flower motifs on the walls, ceilings, lighting fixtures, furniture, and décor accessories in a Moroccan bedroom. To add a Moroccan touch when you are seriously intent on recreating a luxurious Moroccan bedroom hideaway, use a lot of tile detail and hexagonal patterns.

The interior design of a Moroccan themed bedroom is always brightly hued and heavily detailed with patterned and textured fabrics. To finish off the look of a faraway retreat there are always intricately detailed lighting fixtures such as pendant lamps and hanging lanterns. A Moroccan themed bedroom is full of cultural inspiration from the French, Arab, and Spanish countries. It is a beautiful cocktail of splendour where all the mysteries and adventures begin.

The wonderful thing about the traditional yet mysterious Moroccan style is that it is creative and versatile. There are many aspects to consider when you want to recreate the rustic look and feel of your bedroom and you can make small changes that can have a big impact on the layout of your room, for example, a Moroccan headboard will do the trick. This piece of furniture gives out a really sophisticated sense of style which results in tantalising grandeur and intimacy. The Moroccan headboard is typically inspired by geometric Moroccan designs such as an intricate lace-like design. This design can create a look that is both delicate and attention-grabbing. You can also acquire a wooden headboard with carvings or simply get an upholstered headboard with lavish print fabrics. This is a true recipe for success.

The exotic nature and vast assortment of patterns and colours found in Moroccan furniture and accessories make it a popular choice for any home owner looking for fresh ideas. Bring in the Moroccan style bedroom – the rich flowing colour palette style consists of warm and smoky shades. You can even splash a little saffron gold onto the walls and ceiling of the bedroom to create a certain ambiance. Morocco is one of the most exciting Eastern countries with interesting customs and traditions which would create a fascinating interior of any Moroccan style bedroom.

Inside a Moroccan bedroom you will almost always find a four poster bed. This is one of the prime examples of a Moroccan bed. A typical four poster bed generally has a bed canopy. An example of this would be a silk canopy inspired by traditional desert tents which attractively decorates Moroccan interiors and can also protect sleeping areas such as the Moroccan bed.

Ethnic interior design ideas include carved wood furniture, doors, and wall mirror frames. All of this together is perfect for a Moroccan inspired bedroom. There is nothing more inspiring than rich and warm colours to accentuate the Moroccan theme within the room. African desert sunsets are examples of a strikingly gorgeous colour palette to use on the walls and ceiling in your bedroom. Just try to picture desert reds and sunset oranges behind Moroccan lamps, ornate wooden chests and mirrors and kilim rugs. You can paint one or two walls in any warm colour like a bright yellow and then paint the two remaining walls a neutral shade to compliment the brightness. The point is to make a Moroccan inspired bedroom a place that is inviting by targeting the areas of what you can visualise, feel, and touch.

Now we move on to the exciting part of any sort of interior decorating – Moroccan bedroom decor. It can be found to be timeless, bold, comfortable and unique. It can also be visually complex so you are able to mix and match with different things. There are many items you can play with like embroidered linens which add quite the Moorish touch. You can place an arch-shaped, painted-tile, framed mirror on the wall above a dresser accompanied by a few leather ottomans at the base of your bed to serve as a casual seating area. Finish the look off by filling an empty corner with an intricately carved wooden floor screen to give the room texture and height. Moroccan bedroom décor consists of imported traditions from the Far East, Southern Spain, and Northern Africa. Draping fabric all over the room is considered a must. You can use luxurious silks, embroidered wools, and gauze-like sheers. It’s important that the fabric always drapes and flows elegantly. Moroccan décor fabrics are usually very thin and light and can also be used as hanging wall tapestries or also used as carpets.

Moroccan decor also consists of furnishings that are made with intricately carved wood with inlaid designs and decorative metalwork. The best example of this type of furniture would be a hanging lantern with colored glass used as mood lighting that can create an ambient and seductive space. A great example of woodwork would be an armoire which is heavy and also hand painted in colour and motif.

An important factor to remember when you’re thinking about Moroccan bedroom ideas is to think of the bold furnishings you can have. You can use tables and shelves with intricate carvings and dark woods, sofas and chairs covered with bright coloured velvet or satin material, and use decorative, authentic Moroccan rugs that feature colourful patterns. Think of the colour scheme that you would really like to have in the bedroom in terms of vibrant blues, fiery red, and sunshine yellow, emerald green or hot pink as these are fundamental elements with Moroccan bedroom ideas. All these colours can be used on your bedroom walls, linens, and oriental rugs.

There are characteristics that make Moroccan bedroom design unique such as the bold colours, Moorish-influenced star patterns, the repetition of patterns, layered motifs, and the symmetrical prints. It’s absolutely wonderful knowing that there are so many tantalising ingredients to the design of your bedroom, especially when you have a Moroccan angle to work with. Moroccan bedroom design has the following elements considered to be traditional – bold colours, decorative stucco and painted walls, floors consisting of polished concrete or terracotta tiles, bronze and silver décor accessories, tasselled rugs, handcrafted wooden furniture, and beautiful aroma’s like cinnamon, vanilla, and sandalwood. Bronze and silver accessories include vases and candlestick holders.

Moroccan bedrooms are typically found to full of Middle Eastern décor such as woollen rugs, silky curtains, and bedding fabrics with traditional patterns. Moroccan rugs go as far back as the 13th century and the craft of making rugs and carpets was a tradition passed through the generations of families. From about the 4th century and onwards, rugs and carpets became prized possessions of many kings and rulers. The biggest characteristic features of Moroccan bedrooms are the Arabian patterns, bright fabrics, and the fantastic lanterns. Most of the furniture and décor accessories are made of natural materials such as the blending of wool, silk, glass, leather, clay, and metal. You now have a breath taking bedroom with fabric hanging everywhere, plush and luxurious rugs, forged metal lanterns, scented candles and so many throw pillows that your room looks as inviting as a giant couch!