Moroccan Cabinet/Armoire

If you're looking for something a little different for your home decor furnishings, consider a Moroccan cabinet or a Moroccan armoire to make a definite statement when it comes to brandishing your taste and style. The colors, designs, and styles of handcrafted Moroccan decor are unique enough to attract attention while at the same time providing class, style, and the ultimate in eye-pleasing and functional furniture for any home. Functionality meets beauty and design when it comes to Moroccan furniture, whether you're looking for a Moroccan cabinet, a Moroccan armoire, or even a Moroccan buffet for your home. Your choices for use, placement and design are nearly limitless.

The Kingdom of Morocco is located on the northern coastline of Africa, and today serves as an exotic tourist destination. Anyone who's seen the Humphrey Bogart movie Casablanca or heard of Princess - formerly actress Grace Kelly - has heard of Morocco. It’s no wonder that the country draws attention, not only due to its location and atmosphere, but by its beauty. Moroccan cabinet construction relies not only on the finest woods and metals for crafting, but in elaborate hand painted details that offer a beautiful focal point for any room. A Moroccan buffet in your dining room is a guaranteed conversation starter, while a Moroccan cabinet in your living room is perfectly suitable as a liquor cabinet, an entertainment center, or a bookcase.

If you want to make a statement in your bedroom, a Moroccan armoire is the perfect piece of furniture that not only makes that statement, but provides extra storage space with class and elegance. A traditional wardrobe is a piece of furniture that used to be quite common in the "old days" before built-in closets. For the kitchen, the designs, construction, durability, and colors found on a Moroccan sideboard offer a beautiful storage space for dining ware, as extra counter or serving space or as storage for lace and linen tablecloths. A Moroccan sideboard is perfect for serving a buffet for guests or holiday gatherings, or simply making a statement with the bold, beautiful hand painted and traditional designs. Side boards have long been used to add serving or counter space in a room or for additional storage. For that touch of elegance you’re looking for in your dining area, the presence of a Moroccan buffet or a beautifully designed Moroccan sideboard is sure to attract attention.

A Moroccan wardrobe is unique enough to use throughout the home; in the dining room, the bedroom, and other living spaces. Nothing says classic more than unique and historically based symbols and designs that appeals to those with a discerning eye.

Because Moroccan furniture is so versatile, it's easy to mix and match pieces with other Moroccan-style decor including rugs and pottery, chairs, benches, and lamps and lanterns. Hand painted Moroccan furniture makes bold use of reds, teal blues, gold, and orange color palates, suitable for just about every paint color in your bedroom, living area, dining, or kitchen space. Your imagination is the only limitation to how you use your stylish and beautifully crafted and hand painted Moroccan furniture.

The beauty, craftsmanship, and durability of Moroccan furniture are noted around the world. When choosing Moroccan furniture to for your interior designs, rely on the craftsmanship of local artisans from Morocco that take great care in passing along centuries-old techniques and traditions when creating the designs on your Moroccan armoire pieces. The colorful designs on Moroccan furniture are pleasing, traditional, and evoke not only the history and exotic mysticism of Morocco, but the vivid imaginations and creativity of her artisans. When it comes to choosing the perfect piece of Moroccan furniture to meet your decorating needs, you’ll enjoy numerous options in regard to size, color palette, motifs, and designs. Standing roughly 7 feet in height and 35 to 40 inches in depth, all styles offer plenty of space to store linens, clothing, collectibles, or books.

When it comes to your dining room choices, a handcrafted Moroccan buffet also offers variety when it comes to design, style, size, height, and length; all are beautiful handcrafted pieces of furniture ideal for storage, serving, or displaying your finest dishware or cutlery. The traditional Moroccan style for buffet and sideboard furniture offers exquisite craftsmanship in wood or metal. Hand hammered brass or copper sheeting is also traditional in construction and design, as are the use of a variety of rich woods, doors, handles, and knobs that add beautiful finishing touches to any design. Moroccan cabinet options for the dining room range from 34 inches high and 40 inches deep to Moroccan pieces of dining room or kitchen furniture that measure 71 inches in length and 35 inches in height.

As an entertainment center, a television cabinet or a craft space, a Moroccan cabinet is ideal for those looking for a functional yet beautiful piece of furniture for storage or added space. The craftsmanship of Moroccan furniture, such as a handcrafted and hand painted Moroccan buffet, a sideboard, or a wardrobe, also draws attention for superior craftsmanship, woodworking designs, fittings and colors that draw the eye and elicit compliments. The rich, dark and vibrant tones of Moroccan style furniture have grown increasingly popular in the West. Dare to be different when it comes to accessorizing your home. Make a statement with the exotic style and designs of Morocco.

Whether you're looking for a Moroccan cabinet, a Moroccan sideboard, or a Moroccan armoire, you'll find what you're looking for at Star of Morocco, Moroccan Furniture and Home Decor, based in Austin, Texas. With global shipping, all handcrafted items are made by artisans in Morocco and will add that definite touch of style and make a classic statement in any room in your house. Moroccan furniture is the ultimate decor choice for displaying a sense of style and culture in your living space, with colors, designs, and craftsmanship that is second to none when it comes to your interior decor needs.