Moroccan Furniture

There's nothing quite as beautiful as Moroccan furniture and decor, whether you're looking at a Moroccan table, a cabinet, or Moroccan pillows for your living room sofa. Even one or two pieces of Moroccan furniture and accessories, such as Moroccan rugs in your hallway, a Moroccan leather pouf, or dining room table will give anyone a full appreciation of the proper use and balance of color, design, and character.

Moroccan furniture styles can run the gamut from cabinets to wardrobes or good old-fashioned armoires, tables, nightstands, and more. A handcrafted Moroccan table in your entryway or foyer, in the dining room, or for use as a desk in your bedroom provides a variety of pleasing color schemes, construction materials, and designs that have been passed down through centuries.

To most of us, Morocco is a fantastical country filled with mystery, a dashing sense of romance, and intrigue made famous by Humphrey Bogart in his movie Casablanca. Bring Morocco into your home and discover there's so much more than intrigue when it comes to Moroccan furniture. Furniture and accessories are not only designed for function and durability, but to evoke that allure that your living space is missing. Whether you're talking about a themed Moroccan living room or accessories like Moroccan rugs or even a handcrafted Moroccan mirror, Moroccan furniture and accessories bring a hint of elegance, style, and taste into any environment.

Moroccan décor items have grown increasingly popular in the Western world and the United States, thanks to interior decorating magazines and television shows like HGTV, inspiring the ultimate in exotic Moroccan design and themed décor ideas. More interior decorating magazines today are borrowing the vibrant colors and color combinations of old Morocco when it comes to revitalizing homes around the country. You don’t need to spend a lot to go Moroccan; but whether you choose one piece or more, you can be assured that you’re ideas are going to provide that wow factor you’re looking for when it comes to your interior décor.

The vibrant colors and exquisitely handcrafted and designed furniture and accessories create an alluring invitation to sit, enjoy, and relax. The rich jewel tone colors, the intricate metal work, and the best in woodworking craftsmanship when it comes to imported Moroccan furniture is second to none. And talk about comfort! Moroccan furniture is extremely durable, thanks to experienced craftsmanship, but it’s also extremely comfortable! From candles to Moroccan rugs, to headboards and serving cabinets, Morocco brings the best of Mediterranean design and culture into your home.

Bold and Beautiful

Accenting even one room in your house such as your bathroom with a Moroccan theme produces exquisitely pleasing results. Choose bright, bold colors for the walls, and enhance with an elegant, with framed Moroccan mirror. It’s as simple as that, and you'll find that the rich, bold and vibrant colors and artisanship adds a massive touch of class and elegance without having to utilize multiple accessories to create the look you're going for.

Moroccan rugs used in the hallway, a bedroom, the bathroom, or in your living room inspire visual appreciation of the traditions and history of the ancient, exotic country of Morocco. The craftsmanship and care with which Moroccan artisans and craftsmen create Moroccan furniture and accessories have been passed down from generation to generation, insuring that the use of color, design, and motifs and mosaics are traditionally and historically accurate.

The ultimate in Bedroom Comfort

Create your own oasis to get away from it all when taking advantage of Moroccan furniture and accessories for your bedroom. A Moroccan table on either side of the bed and a few Moroccan pillows to accompany your bedding are all you need to begin your getaway to a different place. Have some fun and drape one wall with fabric or create a tent-like design with fabric over your bed. There’s nothing like the ambience that an exotic flourish can create.

Your imagination is the only limitation to how you can utilize Moroccan decor to accessorize or furnish your home. Go big or small; it doesn't matter. The color schemes, ranging from brilliant golds to deep purples, royal blues, vibrant reds, and rich, luscious, tans, and browns available in multiple forms of Moroccan furniture, Moroccan rugs, and Moroccan tables are suitable for just about every room in your home.

Turn your bedroom into your own personal sanctuary with interior design ideas that borrow heavily from Moroccan history and culture. Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to your options for Moroccan bedroom furniture and accessories that include but are not limited to bedding, lighting, tables, and even your headboard.

Making a Statement

When you are a guest walks into your home, you want to feel immediately wrapped in warmth, comfort, and style. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, either. Imagine walking home from a long day at work, stepping into your living room and sinking down onto your brown leather sofa. You put your feet up on an exquisitely handcrafted Moroccan leather pouf (called an Ottoman or a footstool here in the US). A properly designed and exquisitely crafted Moroccan rug covers the floor, and a beautifully designed Moroccan cabinet serves as your entertainment center. What can be better to evoke that sense of rejuvenation, comfort and beauty?

That's just one idea for creating one of the most inviting and comforting environments utilizing Moroccan decor ideas in your home. From the bathroom to the living room, or from the bedroom to the kitchen, your opportunities for utilizing Moroccan decor are endless. Whether it's the Moroccan leather pouf in your bedroom or living room, the beautiful Moroccan mirror in your hallway or your bathroom, or the Moroccan table in your dining room or in your office – make that statement of style and class with impact. Put your own personality stamp on that room, but personify your sense of style, class, and elegance with the tradition, culture and artisanship of old Morocco.

Bring the beauty, mysticism and intrigue of Morocco into your home and you’ll garner nothing but sighs of contentment and comfort.