Moroccan Lamps

As far as interiors are concerned, lamps are one of the most loved fixtures in any home. Although, most people consider lighting fixtures just a way of getting enough light to move around in the house in dark, lighting and particularly lamps can have a wondrous effect on the look of a place. You can achieve all this and more by accentuating the right fittings and elements to the interiors of your home. Considering how essential lighting is to Moroccan interior design, lighting fixtures play a considerably important role in the decor of your home.

The first time you see a Moroccan lamp, you will find it hugely different from the modern lamps that are commonly available in the market. As far as Moroccan decor is concerned, lamps are the elements that put everything together. They do not just have a distinctive style, but also have an idiosyncratic lighting effect and color. The unique selling points of these lamps are that they are available in many different styles. Therefore, you can fit them in any arrangement.

Basic Elements of a Moroccan Lamp Design

The look of the Moroccan decor heavily depends on three elements namely, color, designs and patterns. These elements are, in fact, the defining traits of all the pieces of Moroccan decor from rugs to furniture items and lighting is no exception to this rule.


The materials used for the construction of Moroccan lamps vary from colored glass, metals to skin of goat. The lamps shades may also be beaded to give it a celebratory look. On the other hand, the frames are generally made up of wrought iron or brass. The diversity in the materials used for the construction of a Moroccan lamp gives it a texture that it is known for.


You can find primary colors and its varying shades in the different designs of this collection. A unique type of Moroccan design lamp is the henna lamp. The artisan paints a pattern on the lamp with henna, which gives it the characteristic reddish hue. The extensive use of stained glass in these designs also adds to the color dimension of these designs. While some lamps are single colored, several others are available in combinations of two to four colors.


It is instinctive to think of the unique Moroccan designs and shapes when it comes to Moroccan lamps. You can find all kinds of exclusive shapes in this style of lamps. While some of the lamps may be of floor lamp length, still others may be curved to give it a special look. The lamps can be used for both, indoors and outdoors. Although, sophistication and detailing are characteristics of Moroccan decor, you can find some simple designs as well.

Types of Moroccan Lamps

Moroccan lighting is the largest and most diverse collection of lighting fixtures and decorative fittings. Here are five of the most popular types of lamps available –

Henna Lamps

As mentioned previously, one of the classic Moroccan lamp designs is the henna lamp. You can use these lamps at any location of your house to get a glowing and beautiful place. The lamp shades are hand painted with designs using henna. Therefore, once the henna dries out, the design gets a subtle reddish tone color. The color and design of the lamp shades gives a warm and relaxing quality to the ambience of the place.

Star Lamps

Star lamps are star shaped lighting fixtures. If you have been to Morocco, you would have noticed these lamps at primary location in several upscale restaurants and resorts. However, you can also use these in your homes as a focal point fixture.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are elements that add to the old world charm of Moroccan theme. If you are looking for lighting options for the entry hallway or corridors, these are just the right pieces for you. They create a dramatic, dim light look, which cannot be compared with that of any other lighting fixture.


Outdoor lighting is just as crucial as the interior lighting. In fact, if you look at it functionality wise, the former is more crucial than the latter. A type of Moroccan hanging lamps that make for a perfect option to be used for outdoors is a lantern. However, its utility is not confined to just that. You can use it at any place where you have a space constraint. You will commonly find these hanging above the dining table or in bedrooms.

Moroccan Table Lamps

If you are looking for lamps, to accentuate and add aesthetic value to your tables and rooms, the Moroccan table lamp collections offer some brilliant options. They are beautiful, reasonable, and diverse. Thus, there is no way you will not be able to find a lamp of your liking and purpose in this collection.

Using Moroccan Lamps in your Home

A decorative Moroccan hanging lamp can improve the lighting of any room considerably. The colorful reflections and unique lighting effect are capable of spicing up the complete look of the interiors of your home. There are a number of shapes and sizes available for you to consider. You can expect to find bedside, floor and table lamps for the living space. Besides this, the collection also has lanterns, which can be used for outdoors.

You can consider hanging lamps from the ceiling of the patio. The colorful light will create intriguing patterns on the ceilings, walls and floor of the place. This lighting effect will add enough light and decorative value to the patio during late evenings. You can add value to the arrangement by complementing the same with Moroccan furniture, creating a complete Moroccan look.

The best type of lamp for a living room is the classic floor lamp or a Moroccan table lamp. There are two main reasons for making this assertion. Firstly, it provides a generous amount of light, which is usually enough to suffice the light requirement of the space. Secondly, it adds considerable amount of aesthetic value to the decor of the room. You can also use these floor lamps in the dining room. However, if you are short on space, you can go for the hanging lantern arrangement.

Besides this, you can also consider buying bedside Moroccan table lamps, which are a major attraction of this collection. These lamps add romance and elegance to your bedrooms. The light gets high grades for its utility as it gives you just enough light to read a book or do any other activity. In addition to this, it also gives a beautifying effect to the place. You can use these with candles and decorative mirror frames to get the authentic Moroccan effect. If you are considering these lamps for the children’s room, you can use the hanging lanterns. They can be hanged, at a height, to keep them away from children’s reach.