Moroccan Lanterns

A relaxing and calming interior is all that most people want from the decor of their house. However, not everyone is successful in making the right choice, as far as selecting the right decor style is concerned. It is particularly important to choose the right mix of colors to give your space a balanced view. This is exactly where the Moroccan style of decor comes in handy. It gives you a plethora of options as far as the colors and combinations of colors are concerned. Out of all the unique elements that Moroccan decor offers, a Moroccan lantern is the most exclusive.

Background and Concept

Moroccan decor vividly blends the colors inspired by the subtlety of the European culture with the bold sunset colors of the African and Mediterranean cultures. Moroccan lanterns are made using ancient handcrafting techniques, which are unique to the Moroccan culture. The exclusive shapes, detailed patterns and colored glass lighting effects are capable of giving a very elegant yet mysterious look to the place.

The techniques used for creating these lanterns are ancient and have been in use for ages. The fact that these techniques are time tested ensures that their final products are of top quality. The work is a true mark of a master craftsman as the designs are very intricate and fine. The way in which the craftsman plays with different designs and shapes to create a master piece cannot be replicated. It is because of this reason that each piece of Moroccan lanterns is absolutely exclusive. As a result, when you buy one of these, you don’t just get a product, you get an original piece of art.

The use of colored glass in a Moroccan lantern makes it a perfect lighting fixture for infusing life in any boring space. The lanterns can be used anywhere from the tables, walls to the ceilings. Moreover, mounting them on the ceiling or walls is incredibly simple and maintenance free. You can use them for indoors or outdoors, depending upon your requirements. Besides this, when complemented with hand sewn Moroccan cushions, you are in for a visual treat. The use of matching drapery and upholstery can also add volumes to the visual appeal of the place.

There is a long trail of history behind the creation, design and use of Moroccan lanterns. The lighting style has originated from the Arabic legends, which gives it a mysterious, antique and dazzling look. The metal frames that are used for the construction of this fixture are durable and strong. Besides this, the use of colored glass in the same gives it the vivid look and appeal that Moroccan decor is known for. Ideally, candles are used as the source of light in these lanterns. However, modern arrangements have also led to the rise in the use of electrical light sources. Considering the range of choices available, it is always possible to get a perfect piece irrespective of your taste, existing decor of your house or the color scheme that you are looking for.

Decorating your Home with Moroccan Lanterns

One of the most exotic elements of Moroccan decor is a Moroccan lantern. In fact, Moroccan lanterns play a significant role in setting the right mood for the interiors of your room. It provides a subtle lighting effect without tarnishing the original rustic charm of the Moroccan decor. You can simply hang the lantern from the ceiling of the living room or dining area to enjoy the beauty of its illumination. In fact, you can also use it in the porch area to add beauty to the existing features and fixtures of the place.

There are a range of colors and shapes available in this form of decor. Owing to this, there is no way that you will not be able to find something that will match the existing interiors of your home. Besides this, it also gives you a good opportunity to mix, match and contrast colors.

You don’t have to necessarily buy a red colored lantern just because you have a red colored sofa. In fact, contrast is an essential aspect of Moroccan theme and culture. The shades of reds can be contrasted with deep orange tones to add delicate variations in the color theme of the room. Moreover, if your furniture has a patterned fabric, it is a good idea to match the pattern with the patterns on the lantern to get the desired look.

It is important for you to understand that lanterns are not the lighting fixtures, which will light up the entire room or area. Their sole purpose is to add effects and elements of subtlety to the interiors of your room. Therefore, you can take it as an opportunity to show your creativity and imagination.

A wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes of this style of lanterns are available. You can choose a Moroccan lantern that suits your needs the best. You can hang it from the ceiling, place it on the wall or on a flat surface like a table. Besides this, it can also provide varying lighting effects. For instance, the chandelier type lanterns imitate the beautiful lighting effect of conventional chandeliers perfectly.

Since these pieces are made out of metal and glass, they mostly have a gold or bright red tint to them. However, you can also find pieces that have more than one color in them. However, the credit for the dramatic look must be given to the metal elements on these pieces. The lantern chandelier is an ornament of kinds. You will realize its true beauty only once you mount it on the ceiling of the entry or hallway. They have a festive and celebratory feel to them. Therefore, you can own a chandelier at a price, which is surely less than the amount a conventional chandelier would demand, and get a look, which is just as profound. You can also use this variant of Moroccan lanterns right above the dining table. It will give a grand look to even the laziest meals.

A Moroccan lantern is just as perfect for the outdoors as it is for the indoors. Try using the open or glass covered brass lantern in the patio area and you will agree that it is the perfect light for that area. You can use candles or electrical sources to light them up; depending upon the kind of mood you wish to set for the place. Considering their extravagant looks, they make for perfect party lighting fixtures.

The smaller variants can be successfully used as wall lights in the corridor or hallway. They possess a soft glow, which will provide enough light for people without lighting the whole area excessively. These are also a good alternative if you are looking for a lighting fixture, to place in a vicinity of an artwork. It will accentuate the beauty of that artwork much more than you can imagine.

There are literally infinite numbers of ways by which you can use a Moroccan lantern for decorating your spaces. The best feature of these lighting fixtures is the way they amalgamate the old world charm of Morocco with the modern way of living. You can use it at any place and in any way you like. Nothing ever can go wrong with this piece of art, as far as its beauty and charm are concerned.