Moroccan Lighting

Whenever the words Moroccan lighting fixtures or lights are used in the context of homes, it is a common perception to visualize bright lights that we just need, in the dark, to show us the way. However, we fail to realize the decorative value of lighting and its importance in enhancing the visual appeal of home interiors. In fact, lighting and lighting fixtures can play an instrumental role in creating the right mood and ambience. However, no style can do it better than Moroccan lighting.

Home lighting solves two main purposes. Firstly, you need them to do exactly what they are meant for, lighting up the house. The second purpose of using lights is to accentuate the beauty of particular fixtures or sections of your house. Lighting fixtures, available as part of the Moroccan collection, are extremely versatile and can be used with several other styles to the same effect. Therefore, irrespective of whether you are redoing the decor of your house or adding elements to make the existing decor better, Moroccan style lighting can help you get the lighting effect that you desire.

Moroccan Lighting Options

Moroccan lighting present a plethora of options for you to choose from. It offers you a range of colors, designs and functionality. The common styles and choices available to you include chandeliers, wall sconces, lanterns and lamps. If you like elaborate designs and luxurious living, then Moroccan lighting is just the right option for you to explore.

Like every other element of Moroccan decor, every piece of Moroccan home lighting fixtures is handmade. Every piece is created by a master craftsman using techniques that have been in use for centuries, altogether. The most popular designs in the Moroccan lighting collection are lamps and lanterns. The immense popularity of these can be attributed to the fact that they are exclusive and versatile. Any individual who has the slightest of interest in art will be immediately attracted to these artifacts.

The proof of their versatility is that they can be effectively used in the outdoors just as well as indoors. Although, some lights are perfect for some arrangements, the fact that the collection includes something for every location in your house makes it extremely flexible. One example of this is the Moroccan pendant lighting, which can be placed at literally anywhere in your house from the living room to the bathroom. The lighting effects created by all these lights are subtle and relaxing. The classic Moroccan patterns are cast on materials like brass and wrought iron. The use of colored glass in all these elements adds volumes to the charm of the fixture.

Another type of lighting fixture that is available as part of the Moroccan collection is the classic table lamp. You can use these lamps on coffee tables or end tables. They are not just highly functional, but also add to the decorative value of the room. In addition to the common lamps and lanterns, Moroccan home lighting also includes some extravagant Moroccan lighting fixtures like wall sconces and chandeliers. The chandeliers are elaborate fixtures that require large amount of ceiling space to mount. Therefore, they are good arrangements for hallways and entries.

When selecting lamps for designing Moroccan decor, three main elements are mostly considered. The first type of such lamps makes use of metals like wrought iron and brass for construction of the lamp. The lamp may be polished, brushed or treated for an antique look. The best feature of these lamps is that they can be used for both, indoors and outdoors. However, they are considered ideal fixtures for patios and entrances. The fact that these lamps are made using metal makes them extremely strong and durable. Once bought, you can be sure that they will last with you for a long time to come.

The second most popular type of lamp is the star lamp. You can see a lot of these lamps in several upscale restaurants of Morocco. The colored glass and unique glow, of the light produced, are exemplary. They are typically hung from the ceiling and are known to produce a characteristic chandelier-type effect. The third type of lamps is henna lamps, which are specific to Moroccan culture. The lamps use goat skin, which is stretched onto a frame and painted with typical Moroccan patterns. Henna is used for creating designs on the lamp. When the henna dries and falls off, a characteristic reddish color is left behind. Since, the pattern is hand painted, you will not be able to find two exactly similar lamps. This is the uniqueness of these Moroccan Lighting fixtures.

Choosing the Right Moroccan Light Fixtures

Moroccan style decor is traditional and unique. As a result of this, several people are drawn by the idea of using the elements of this rich style in their homes. However, what most people do not know is that you can alter the complete look of your home just by adding Moroccan light fixtures to the look of your home. Therefore, in order to help you make a good decision, here are a few things that you must consider while choosing the right lighting fixture for your home.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Regardless of whether you live in a small apartment of a luxurious villa, you can think of using these fixtures in your space. However, you should decide the room and location of mounting or placing a lighting fixture in your home well in advance. You cannot place a large lamp in a small study, for obvious reasons. Therefore, if you have a spacious roof, look for Moroccan pendant lighting or even a chandelier. Likewise, if you have an empty side table, look for a table lamp. Considering the diversity of this collection, if you know what you want, there is no way you will not find it here.

Your Light Requirements

It is important for you to realize that as far as interiors are concerned, anything overdone is far worse than undone. Therefore, you cannot place anything at any location or overstuff your room with brilliant lighting fixtures and expect it to look good. Moreover, not every room in your house needs a chandelier or floor lamp. It may look way better with a simple henna lamp than with a lavish brass lantern. Thus, it is a good idea to visit the store and look around for options and their usability in your home interiors.

Moroccan lighting is one of the best ways of setting the right mood for your home interiors. If you are redoing your home decor, Moroccan style is incomplete without these lighting effects. However, you can also use these even if you are just looking to add some effects to the existing interiors. They are extremely versatile and can be used effectively for both indoors and outdoors. Remember to consider the requirements of your space before making a final decision to get the right Moroccan effect in your room, which will not only stand out for itself, but will also accentuate the beauty of everything that surrounds it.