Middle Eastern Furniture

Middle Eastern style of furniture products can be a valuable addition to any home. Each piece of furniture represents and incorporates the different accents and features of this style. These accents are sure to make any space in your home a welcoming and attractive.

In fact, the furniture of this style can be used alongside other pieces of furniture that you've already got in your room. Whether you are looking for decorative or functional pieces of furniture, Middle Eastern products are a perfect choice as they combine the best of both worlds.


An ottoman is the simplest form of Middle Eastern furniture. It creates a large seating space and is a traditional item made with a soft series of cushions and a few notable supports.

An average ottoman is square in shape. However, some designs may also use round shaped base structures. Besides this, an ottoman is roughly about two to three feet in length per side or in diameter. However, some larger choices can be as large as five to six feet long on the sides.

The beauty of an ottoman lies in its cushions. They accessorize the ottoman with sumptuous dark or light brown and tan colors. These colors complement the color of the cedar wood on the bottom part of the piece. The wood may also be cut, into a few curves, to create an added sense of detail.

Lamp Shades

While a lamp might look useful, the beauty of a lamp is largely governed by the lamp shade that is placed on it. A shade can amplify the design of a lamp. It might even create a few notable accents around the effect of your lighting fixture.

A lamp shade may include curves or panels around its body. These panels are often added, with an Art Deco style, to make an existing light more intriguing. In fact, it can be paired with a strong brass color, which is popular for its luxurious appeal.

The shade will be better if it has enough spaces for the light to burst out. This effect will help you in getting an intense and bright lighting effect. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to use a bright light lamp shade with a design that's open and capable of bringing out light while keeping its splendor intact.

Fabric Chairs

Chairs are always good to buy because they can fit into almost any space of your home. You don't even have to place it in an area where a desk, table or other flat surface are already present. In fact, chairs can be designed to include many unique features. People in the Middle East who make these chairs often design them using some unusual tones and materials.

Middle Eastern chairs can be made from materials other than the traditional cedar or oak wood materials that are painted in dark colors. They can also include choices that utilize fabrics. A fabric chair is a chair with cushions back and bottom. This cushion is mounted with fabric. The cushion-seat is solid and sturdy. It is made with the same type of wood that is used for other ordinary Middle Eastern chair.

The fabric on this portion of the chair will cover the entire back part. The fabric may have different design patterns like floral patterns, for example. These patterns are typically designed with brighter neutral colors like lighter tones of white or brown. In fact, you might even find a few that can match up with other tables and desks in your room.

That's the most remarkable part of this Middle Eastern decor choice. It is not only appealing and aesthetically valuable to a space, but it is also something that's actually capable of matching itself up with different pieces of furniture in the decor of your home. You can choose fabric, which matches with a rug or the wood colors of other pieces of furniture in the same room.


Model Statues

Now that you've got a few treasured pieces of Middle Eastern furniture all around your home, what else can you add for that x-factor appeal? All pieces of furniture must have some lovely accents or accessories to go with them if you wish them to stand out and use them to their best capacity. For example, a traditional Middle Eastern statue can be added to any table or desk in a room to create a more intense Middle Eastern flavor.

The images or depictions on a model statue are often designed with traditional motifs. A Middle Eastern model statue may include a replica of a traditional ancient statue like the ones that are carved on the sides of large rock formations. Others may include symbols specific to this part of the world like a camel or a series of pyramids. The fact is that the illustrative world of the Middle East is open to your own personal interpretation and can be fit into the mould of your home. Besides this, these can be added in just about any place in your home.

The statue that you can add to your home can be something close to about one to two feet in height. When you use it in conjunction with another item in your room, you will have something that is personable and functional while still providing people with some attractive looks that will be hard to duplicate anywhere else in your home. These statutes can be made out of wood or metal and can typically include shiny brass colors or dark mahogany colors depending on the build you choose.


A quality rug is capable of bringing the decor of the entire room together and can become a focal point of your home interiors. They add an element of comfort in the surroundings of the place. The best of Middle Eastern rugs are made from silk or wool textiles and are hand-made. They are crafted to create exclusive and unique designs, which will mesmerize you with their beauty. The rug may also be attached, with a secure gripping support, to keep the rug fixed in the desired location.

You can also take advantage of the several colors, which these rugs are available in and use them to accentuate the color dimension of your interiors. Most rugs are designed with red and brown accents, but some artisans like to create designs that are a little more detailed with two or three different colors scattered in tiles, lines or patterns. The use of Art Deco-inspired curves and images may also be seen in some of the designs.

You can place a Middle Eastern rug right underneath a larger piece of furniture like a table or chest. The strength of the textiles chosen for the fabrication of the rug is enough to ensure that the fabric does not get crushed by the pressure and weight of the furniture item.

In order to derive the most out of your Middle Eastern furniture options, you will have to use them in the right manner. This style of furniture provides you with all kinds of options, which you can explore and use in your home for any kind of specific or general purpose application.