Middle Eastern Decor

The right pieces of decor can transform your regular home into an elegant Middle Eastern palace. Many artisans around the Middle East have created all kinds of decor and can provide you with ample options that you can bring into your home. You can buy one of these pieces for your home to create a distinctive accent that is conducive to the atmosphere of your home and welcoming for your guests.

Large Ceramic Items

You can find a variety of ceramic materials in your quest for decor products, which are sure to tickle your creativity. Artists in the Middle East are known for creating ceramic tile applications with terracotta materials. They prepare them in large kilns to ensure that the pieces are together.

These exquisite ceramic pieces can be placed on top of large flat surfaces like tables, nightstands and buffets. However, you’ll have to be careful because they are just as fragile as they are beautiful. Although, they are made from organic materials, a whisk of the hand is capable of shattering them into innumerable pieces.

Whenever you are shopping for ceramics, you are sure to get attracted to a vase or urn. It typically comes in one piece arrangements, but you might also find them with a decorative lid to go on top. This lid is typically added to create a lovely cover and has little significance as far as functionality is concerned.

Most of these ceramics are painted with beautiful color patterns. Hand-painted patterns come in several designs, which range from patterns that use specific shapes repeatedly to particular emblems. Traditionally, these patterns are inspired by Arabic culture. However, some pieces may come with unique Art Deco designs, as well. Either way, when using Middle Eastern style decor, you can be sure of getting an interior styled with several captivating colors.

Glass Walls

Some other pieces of Middle Eastern decor, which will be terrific additions to your house, are those that will adorn the walls of your house. One such option to add is a large glass wall, which covers a large flat surface.

While most pieces of wall art feature unique designs with one or more colors, a colored glass surface could add a better bit of detail. You can hang colored glass up on a wall to create a unique dimension of color, which will make your house look a little more inviting.

The glass wall is made of one or more panes of the same, in different colors. Sometimes the glass panes can be cut to form certain shapes or symbols, which will give an artistic look to the decor of your house.

The glass is painted using metallic compounds, which are added during the manufacturing process. This is done to create the different kinds of color effects, which Middle Eastern decor is famous for. While red and green are the most common types of colors that you’ll find in these Middle Eastern glass walls, you might also be able to sight colors like blue and orange. These can be used to create an ambience, which contains the right mix colors that provide cold and hot effects.

Rugs and Blankets

Soft furnishings are just as crucial a part of home interiors as furniture is. Therefore, you can use rugs and blankets in your decorative plan to create beautiful surfaces, which are delightful to the human eye.

Rugs and blankets are traditionally made of wool. However, some may also include organic cotton depending on the origin of decor and the culture it belongs to. Each item is hand-painted with a series of attractive tints in every fibre. You can easily find some rugs and blankets that are painted with bright colors like red or light brown. The color is traditionally derived from dyes, which are mixed in the solution during the manufacturing process.

Besides this, these fabrics are often painted to create patterns of several styles. These patterns include a series of tones. An example of such a pattern is a border on the four sides and some Arabic or Art Deco inspired patterns in the middle. Most designs follow a consistent regime of repetition as shapes and styles are repeated on all sides of the blanket or rug.

The Mosaic Fountain

Although, a fountain is a high-end option as far as choice is concerned, but it could end up being the best possible focal point for your home’s interiors. A mosaic fountain uses a large pool that seems like a horizontal extension of a large vertical wall. This wall is lined up with a series of tiles. Several small tiles are mounted, on the whole body of the fountain, to form different patterns ranging from an artistically styled pattern in the middle part of the wall to patterned tiles bordering the edges of the fountain.

The fountain itself will be around six to eighteen inches away from the wall. A critical aspect of the success of a fountain in accentuating the beauty of the decor is its size. It should be large enough to be visible. However, it should not be too large to take up all the area you have. This is a remarkable Middle Eastern decor product. However, it suffers from a fundamental issue of being costly. Most of these fountains are available for a price of more than two thousand dollars.

So, why should you buy one of these fountains if they are so costly? Simply put, it's a form of decor that will stick around in your home for years to come. It will fill in any blank space and will add a natural feel to your home. Besides this, it is like wine. It becomes costlier with age.

The Luxurious Chandelier

Are you looking, for a chandelier, to embellish the ceiling space of your home? A Middle Eastern chandelier will, without a doubt, create a luxurious lighting and decor effect without hurting your pocket. These pieces can manage this flexibility by using simplified design. This will give your home a luxurious look without forcing you to spend more money than what you can afford on decor.

A chandelier will add light to a room and create a sense of elegance. While most chandeliers will hang down from the ceiling and have several small lights strung together in a uniting pattern, some chandeliers may come in one light and large dome arrangement. This dome may have a few openings or holes to create a chandelier-like pattern.

A chandelier will traditionally have a solid surface with reflecting pieces of glass. Besides this, its outside body has a bronze or copper tone. It can also hang from a ceiling through either a chain or a pole. The design can be eye-catching and will give you something that is not only impressive to use in your home, but also fully functional as a light.

The Exquisite Wall Sconces

Lighting is a significant component of the Middle Eastern decor, which is abundantly clear from the importance of a chandelier in its arrangements. A sconce is another lighting product that can add immense value to the decor of your home. It is a large metallic item that can be hung up on a wall to provide subtle lighting effects. The sconce structure may have a pattern of holes or an opening on the sides. The design is available in a bronze or brass body. This metallic body will amalgamate into just about any space of a home.

You can visit a nearby store to compare the various options available under the category of Middle Eastern style decor. You must determine the requirements of your home and then assess if which of these options will fulfil your needs. The odds are you will find something beautiful, which will become an integral part of the interiors of your home right from the day you put it there.