Moroccan Style Decor

If you are looking for classy furniture to add to your home, you can consider buying Moroccan style furniture. Moroccan style decor adds a mystical appeal to the interiors of your home. The style of interior design and decoration can transform your house into a palace like setting. The presence of elements like carved doors, wall sconces, painted ceilings and arches add to the grandeur of this style.

Moroccan Style Decor

The Moroccan style of decor is exotic in its arrangements and ensembles. The soul of Moroccan decor lies in the use of carved wood, colors, stunning patterns, molding and stitching. The traditional Moroccan style of furniture is Moursharabi. It is an intricate woodwork art and every part of the furniture is abounding with some design, pattern or drawing Plush leather is the most common material used in Moroccan furniture. The woods and colors are amalgamated to form a warm and hospitable environment in the room. When it comes to motif designs, there is no other style that can beat the Moroccan art.


This interior design style is not meant for you if you shy away from using bright and bold colors. The color palette of this style includes colors like olive greens, saffron reds, rustic oranges and bold blues. Some of the colors in the Moroccan color palette may remind you of the colors of several vegetables and fruits. Surprisingly, these colors look fabulous when they are used for home interiors.

The interiors style will be a virtual smorgasbord for you if you love rich colorful arrangements. You can easily notice the use of cobalt blue in a majority of these ensembles. The traditions and values of this culture believe that this color can repel evil spirits and therefore create a positive and healthy environment in the space. This is also a good option for you to consider if you believe old world superstitions and prophecies. The cobalt blue color can be used in combination with silver, yellow, gold, green, turquoise and aquamarine.

Another prominent feature of the Moroccan style decor is the use of warm colors. The colors like pinks, yellows, reds and oranges can give a rustic, exotic and earthy look to your place. They will capture the mood of the hot Sahara desert like nothing else. The colors used for this decor style are also inspired by the spices that are used in Moroccan cuisine. The defining colors of burnt sienna, saffron, cinnamon and paprika can be beautifully blended into the sand colors of cream and taupe.


Textures are one of the three main elements of Moroccan style decor. As far as wall textures are concerned, most Moroccan homes have worn out and weathered walls. In order to recreate this effect, you can either get the walls redone or add a little builder’s sand to the paint. Smoothness is not a characteristic of Moroccan walls. Therefore, if you wish to set the right backdrop for your Moorish fantasy, roughen up the walls of your house.

Besides this, Moroccan culture is also known for its tiles. Small tiles are created and cut to be assembled together. The mosaic formed as a result is used as a focal point for floors, walls and table-tops. The designs of these mosaics are breathtakingly attractive. However, the use of these tiles is not restricted to the above mentioned. These tiles can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, living room and bedrooms as well.


Moroccan style decor makes lavish and luxurious use of fabrics and textiles. From the floor to the walls right up to the ceiling, you will find flowing fabrics everywhere. While the infamous Moroccan rugs bring life to the floor, the cushions and throws liven up the furniture. This interior style uses light fabrics for drapery and prefers them to be translucent and airy. The drapes are also used over the bed to create a canopy type effect. The use of room dividers in rooms is also particularly common.

Choose bold accessories

The Moroccan furniture style is fairly simple and dark in color. There is nothing extravagant or fancy about it. Therefore, it is the accessories that give the interior decoration its color and pop. Metallic accessories, made out of wrought iron and brass, are used for lightings and wall art. Besides this, morocco is also famous for its ceramics and pottery. The charming designs and stunning colors present a magnificent permutation.

Features of Moroccan Style Furniture

The designs of Moroccan style furniture are simple yet exquisite. They are sure to add a touch of class and elegance to any home interiors. The style is heavily inspired by the Mediterranean culture and you will be able to notice a lot of Islamic and Arabic influence in the patterns and designs. In fact, you will find similar designs in the art work of the coastal countries that are situated to the north and south of the Mediterranean Sea. However, in the present context, the designs have evolved as a result of the hot climate of Morocco. Besides this, Moorish influences have also made significant contributions to these adaptations.

Fine hardwoods are used for crafting the Moroccan furniture. However, commonly available woods may also be used for this purpose. The color of the fabrics used for the Moroccan style furniture items have a touch of the local royalty. There is an extravagant use of colors like red, yellow and blue. You will get a glimpse of these colors in several decorative items like camel bone mirrors, lamps, ceramic vases, tea glasses, rugs, lanterns and Arabic calligraphy vases.

The Moroccan style furniture is conceptualized and designed in such a manner that it complements the colors of the walls and decorative items. The wood used in the furniture is intricately carved with Moroccan patterns and designs. Although, every piece is versatile and specific in its own ways, there are a few ground rules for setting up Moroccan arrangements. Moroccan style furniture offers a plethora of items that can be used in the different rooms of the place.

Living Room

The living room collection available in this style entails chairs, pillows, couches, tables and sofas. The wooden structures are carved with simple designs. However, fabrics like silk, leather and crape is used to give it the luxurious look.


Bed frames are available in wood and wrought iron. While the metal frames are decorated with the classic Moroccan metalwork, the wood is carved with intricate designs. In addition to this, pillows and comforters are also used to accessorize the beds. The furniture collection for the bedroom includes room dividers, dressers, nightstands, lamps, chests, rugs and wall art. All the items of Moroccan bedroom decor are intended to give a comfortable and relaxed feel to your home interiors.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Most of the items that fall into the category of ceramics and pottery are traditionally meant to be kitchen tools. These items include plates, platters, glasses, vases and ceramics.

Besides these, there are a host of items that are versatile enough to be used anywhere in the house. These items include paintings, rugs, cabinets and curtains. The Moroccan style decor is heavily influenced by Arabs, Spanish, French and Moorish cultures. In fact, it is this amalgamation that makes this style unusual and different. There is an element of mystery and warmth in this style of decor.