Moroccan Tables

Tables are utility furniture items that you cannot, literally, survive without. Whether you need it to place your expensive lamp or put the coffee mug while reading a book, the truth it you need it! The primary reason why you should think about buying Moroccan tables is that they will create a sense of vibrancy that most other tables cannot duplicate.

No matter where you put the table in your home, you will definitely create a sense of comfort in that spot. Not only are these tables great-looking, they can also add an extra dimension to your living room, making it look more spacious than ever. There are many forms of the same that you must consider before making a choice.

Wooden Tables

If you are looking to give your home a rustic look, a wooden table is your pick, for sure. Most of the Moroccan tables that you will find are dark brown colored and hexagonal, in shape. Besides this, most manufacturers use mahogany wood for making these tables and the height of the tables are chosen to be tall enough for them to fulfill all kinds of functionality.

It will not be difficult to sight Moorish influences in the design of these tables. A well-painted Moroccan table is typically dark red in color. It is made with the sturdiest and thickest form of solid wood that is available in the industry. Moorish designs and arches can particularly be noticed on all sides and face of the table. A quality Moorish design is around 20 inches tall and about the same in width, thus making it not only a visual delight, but also something that’s easy to add as it will not take any additional space and clutter your house.

Tea Tables

Do you feel the lack of options in tables every time you are hosting a party at your place? If yes, here is a viable option just for you. A tea table is one choice to use in the living room, which plays hosts to guests who visit your house.

As the name implies, a tea table for the living room may be designed to hold teacups while people are socializing or randomly sitting in that room. Some tables are made with simple informal appearances but others can feature ornate and beautiful works of art all around their surfaces. To increase your options, these tables can come in rectangular, oval, circle or square shapes. Therefore, you can choose a piece that is right for the area you intend to put a tea table.

Some tables may also come with glass tops. However, solid wood is often the best choice for a refined appearance. The best tables can be made with four, six or eight corners and hand-painted surfaces. Many of the best models are carefully painted by a master craftsman in the famous market town of Marrakesh. These elements are sure to add an element of warmth is hard to miss.

An average tea-table’s dimensions are approximately 20 inches high and 18 to 20 inches wide, thus making it a brilliant table choice. This table serves all sorts of functions yet won’t occupy too much space. A peculiar Moroccan tea table comes in octagonal shape. A shape like this might be more detailed and specific while still taking up the same amount of space as a traditional tea table. It’s one of the best and most popular choices in Moroccan tables.

Side Tables

Morocco culture is influenced by several other cultures. However, the most prominent influence is that of the French culture. A French-influenced table, typically, possesses some unique characteristics like carved legs, a hexagonal shape and a smooth modernized finish. It can be placed in any room that needs a splash of color or character.

The great thing about this style is that it is well thought-out and has practical dimensions. Most side tables are about two to three feet width, length and height, thus making it an ideal piece for any room. Put this kind of table in your room and it will simply make the whole setting more charming than ever before. In some designs, the table top can be round and bigger in dimension than the base. Moreover, the base, in this case, may be a round or four legged structure.

In addition to this, a range of choices are available in terms of colors available in these designs. You can choose any color from white and lilac to blue and pink. However, the black color is the most popular because of its irresistible charm.

Star Tables

There are some classic Moroccan designs, which can be seen on all the pieces of Moroccan décor. One of the most commonly used motifs is the star motif. A star table has a series of edges that protrude, from the base, to create a star shaped design. Your living room can benefit from the unique edges that add to the star table’s design.

These star tables are hand painted and handmade in Marrakesh by master artisans. The design is also embellished with attractive M’karbas carvings on each and every edge. Typically, the dimensions of such a table are around 40 inches by 22 inches. These tables will surely add some style to your room without consuming a lot of the floor space of your room.

A characteristic feature of a star table is that the protruding arches have evenly-measured sharp points, which create a star-like appearance on the surface. This table is a favorite with the palaces of Morocco, and this adds to their appeal, as well.

Brass Tables

As far as materials are considered, Moroccan décor uses some classic materials for construction. One such material is brass. The appeal of this material lies in its royal yellowish tint, giving gold like appearance, and its ability to last through generations.

Besides its luxurious look, another thing that makes use of brass viable is that it is extremely durable. You don’t have to get it polished to maintain its shine. It just requires regular cleaning and be cleaned using any cleaning method. You can rest assured that the material will not corrode or smear.

Moreover, the material is not vulnerable to rusting. Therefore, the chances of wear and tear are particularly less. The brass table is the best example to great workmanship, which gives an interesting look to the interiors of your home.

Iron Tables

If you prefer wrought iron over all the other types of materials available in Moroccan décor, the collection has something that is exclusively designed for your requirements. Realizing the aesthetic sense of the elite segment of society, these tables carry with them an aura of grace and magnificence.

An iron table is a subtle way of giving your home an elemental feel of the rustic world. The dark color of iron can combine with its long-lasting properties of being rust-resistant to create something that is just appropriate for any place in your home. In fact, it might take generations of use before your iron table begins to lose its charm or exhibits an inability to support all the weight you place on it.

The choice of a table depends on three factors namely, purpose, look and dimensions. Moroccan tables just might be what you are looking for since each of the above mentioned designs will add to the appeal of any space. Besides this, there is no way you will not find a table of your choice and preference considering the diverse collection that Moroccan tables offer to you.