Moroccan Tea Glasses

In Morocco, tea is a very important part of the culture, which is why Moroccan tea glasses and tea pots are of such importance. For the people that live and dwell in Morocco, tea is as much a part of the everyday as is breathing, eating, and living in general. Where most of the Arab countries are avid coffee drinkers, Morocco stands apart with their incredible love of tea. Tea is consumed on a daily basis for the majority of Moroccans and even though there is no dictate on specific times to serve tea, it is always served on a traditional Moroccan tea set. Tea sets consist of tea glasses, a tea pot, and a serving tray. The following information is but a small part of the amazing Moroccan tea tradition, its history, and the specifics about the individual pieces.

Tea Glasses

Traditional Moroccan tea glasses are the same today as they were many years ago. They can be incredibly ornate or they can be very subdued. They generally have intricate designs woven over the entirety of each glass. They also have several colors interwoven in each design. It is quite common for Moroccans to use their tea sets as a way to impress guests. The standard of the tea pot, tea glasses, and entire tea service set tells much about the person serving with it. Each and every set is unique, with its own color combination and design. Even the most simple of tea sets is a sight to behold for any art lover, tea lover, or both. Tea glasses are a must for anyone who wants to use a piece of art on a daily basis.


Moroccan tea pots are as much a piece of art as they are a serviceable piece of equipment. They are often quite elaborate in nature but can also be very simple in design. It is customary for Moroccans to use their tea sets to impress even the noblest of guests. On average a Moroccan teapot holds approximately five cups in U.S. measurements of water. After fixing the tea and placing it in the Moroccan teapot, the pot is placed on the serving tray and surrounded by the Moroccan tea glasses. This creates a complete set and a beautiful center piece, tea service, shelf decoration (minus the tea of course), general conversation starter, or all of the above. A complete Moroccan tea set is a genuinely amazing thing to own, even for non-tea drinkers.

Serving Tray

To have a set in its entirety a serving tray must be included. The traditional tray used with Moroccan tea sets is called a Siniya and is an essential part of the set. The Siniya is a very ornate piece, generally silver. It is used to carry the tea glasses and teapot anytime the set is used but especially when serving guests. Serving trays are used for many things in Morocco but perhaps the best know is the one that accompanies a tea set. The serving tray is what brings the set together and makes it a whole. While a single teapot or set of Moroccan tea cups is beautiful on its own, a set that includes the serving tray is even better. It provides a stabilizing point for the rest of the set to revolve around.

Why own a Moroccan tea set? There are many reasons to own a Moroccan tea set. First of all, they make for a wonderful conversion starter when you serve from them; no matter where you live a nice Moroccan tea set will say a lot about you and often go a long way to impressing a guest. If you are hosting co-workers, a boss, a potential client, a family member, or a friend that you want to make a positive impression on, all you have to do is pull out a beautiful Moroccan tea set and you will have them raving. It is also nice to serve out of them for special occasions such as holiday dinners or birthdays. Another great thing about having Moroccan tea glasses is the decorative options it offers. It is never an issue over where to store a set like this because the glasses and teapot will look lovely on any shelf or display. Then when you want to use them they are easily accessible and ready to go.

The history surrounding the use of tea in Morocco is an interesting subject that can be used anytime there is a lull in conversation; at the very least a person’s interest will be piqued. If you happen to have a traditional Moroccan tea set or even just a single Moroccan tea glass you can turn the conversation into an opportunity to not only show off your wonderful piece, but also to educate someone else on the rich Moroccan tea culture. It is always a wonderful idea to serve traditional Moroccan mint green tea in a Moroccan tea set; it makes for an even more authentic experience. It is said that it tastes very much like spearmint gum. Even if you choose to serve other kinds of tea, a Moroccan tea pot is most definitely a fine choice to serve it out of. No matter how you look at it, it is never a bad idea to own a traditional Moroccan tea set. 

Choosing to own a set of Moroccan tea glasses or an entire tea set is an entirely personal choice. These sets are not for everyone but for a tea lover or someone with an intense interest in the history and culture of Morocco and/or tea it makes for a wonderful addition for the home. Next time you are trying to decide on a gift for a loved one, consider a beautiful Moroccan tea glass, teapot, or entire tea set. It will be the gift that keeps on giving due to its useful nature and immersion in Moroccan cultural history. Tea first became a part of Moroccan culture in the 1700’s but it has since become so ingrained in the Moroccan way of life that it is as much a part of Morocco as its people are.